12 Utterly Easy Marketing Ideas You Can Try This Year



If you are heading up a marketing team, you need to be brimming with ideas. If you have a mental block (and we all get them), it can be tough to figure out what your next move should be. You can’t force yourself to come up with a new idea, when you have no inkling of where to start. If you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here are twelve utterly easy marketing ideas you should try this year.

#1 Create shareable infographics

If you work in the B2B sector, you want to avoid things such as memes and videos. The people you are targeting have to appear to be professional online. They will not risk sharing a risky meme, when they are not sure of the outcome. Instead, create infographics so that people in the business sector can share information online. If you link the image back to your main site, it should drum up loads of business.

#2 Make an app for your clients

If you want to hook people so that they never leave you, you should give them an app. If people have a way of getting in touch with you whenever they need to, it is ultra convenient for them. You should consider making an app for your existing clients so that it builds your relationship with them.

#3 Attend a sales show

If you want to get some new clients, sales shows are an excellent way to go. You will need a unique exhibition design so that you can attract a lot of attention. Before you attend the show, make sure that you know what your goals are. Write down a list of targets so that you can get the most out of the event. This idea is an incredible way of making new contacts quickly.

#4 Sponsor a sporting event

Imagine hundreds of people seeing your brand every week or so. Well, you can make that happen with a sponsorship deal. If there is a local sporting team, you could offer to sponsor them. Of course, it costs millions to sponsor a professional sports club, but what about an amateur team? They always need funding and often have a large following of local people. When people see that your company supports local events, they will start to trust you.

#5 Give your products to charity

While we are on the subject of supporting local things, have you considered giving things away to charity? If your products could benefit other people, can you afford to spare some? If you show people that you are helping those in need, they will start to like your company. Over time, that means that you can build up a strong level of trust with them.



#6 Run a competition online

Competitions are always a good way to get people to take an interest in your company. Most often, it is best to run a competition via Facebook so that people share it with their friends or family members. You could ask people a question online and have them answer in the comment box below. That way, it will also appear on their friends’ newsfeeds. This technique is a simple way to make sure that your competition gets loads of entrants.

#7 Use deal sites as a promotional tool

If you can afford to start giving people discounts, you might want to list your products on a deal site. Sites, such as Groupon and Wowcher, are popular with bargain hunters, which means that you can get loads of new business. If you contact one of the sites, you will find that it is easy to list your items online. Simple.

#8 Offer seasonal discounts

As the seasons change, you should run various promotions to try to drum up extra business. For example, as we move into summer, it might be an idea to start running a summer campaign with discounts on appropriate items. If you give people what they need at a good price, they will love your company.

#9 Start using Vine

You probably already use loads of social media platforms, but have you tried Vine yet? In a world where viral videos are king, this media platform is a fantastic way to spread the word about your business. If you can create an engaging or inspiring video, people will share it. The more people that watch your short clip, the more attention you will get from the general public. Vine is a platform that few business people seem to use, although it has great potential.

#10 Write list based blogs

If you are using content to market your company, why not start writing listicles? These types of articles are popular with online readers because they give them snippets of facts that they can use. You should make sure that all your research is accurate so that the lists help people in their daily life. When people share these lists, they will start to familiarize themselves with your company.

#11 Ask people to spread the word

When you deal with new clients, you should ask them to tell other people about your company. Word of mouth advertising is effective because it is a genuine way to reach out to new customers. You should offer people a reward for bringing you new clients. For example, you could give them a discount on their next service or product.

#12 Get into Twitter debates

Now and then, something controversial sparks an ongoing debate on Twitter. Rather than shying away from these controversies, you should try to involve yourself in them. You should never fear these debates as they get a load of attention from online users. You ought to see what’s trending and then start tweeting about it. That way, you will reach out to loads of people, who will start to remember your name.

Use these ideas as inspiration for your next marketing move. Remember, sometimes it is the little things that get the most attention. If you can reach out to people each day, you will excel in this role.

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