Affording School Costs for Autumn


Managing to keep your children in the correct uniform, with the newest pair of trainers, school bag and laptop is a struggle whether your children are in private or public education. The expectation from children to be supplied with new uniform, lunch boxes and pencil cases doesn’t go away and every September you have to be ready to send them back to school in everything they need.  After keeping them busy all summer there will probably be minimal money left over so why not consider borrowing a small amount of money from a reputable site such as . Once the children start school and things settle down a bit you will then be able to pay it back within a couple of months, so isn’t something to worry about at all. Uniform for during the day as well as any specialist equipment such as the obligatory scientific calculator, trigonometry triangles and protractors that children are expected to have, all build up to quite a costly spend. Try not to spoil the children too much, if they are doing a paid job or small helpful chores around the house that they get pocket money for then there is no reason why they cant pay for their own stationary, lunchbox and drinks bottles for themselves. Don’t get guilt tripped into matching and competing with what your children’s friends get bought by their parents. This is often just a tactic, and what you are being told isn’t often true, Children are more manipulative than you think! Ensure your kids items are labeled with their name and class, as you wouldn’t believe the amount that will get lost otherwise, then costing you more to replace.  You will also need to arrange their meals and top up lunch cards so you don’t receive an angry phone call from the school or worse, your teenage daughter when they can’t buy their lunch. In addition to the standard things you find yourself buying year upon year, there is now the added pressure of having recent, quality technology for your kids to use. A smartphone, tablet, laptop, dictaphone and spellchecker are all pieces of equipment that toddlers through to teens expect to have.  Try and find out from the school the expectations of their tech items, so you don’t spend excessive amounts and be sure to add it to your insurance as they may well drop it or lose it at some point. There is usually an obligatory trip that the children are offered from school during the first few weeks back after Summer so be prepared to receive that request and try to plan ahead to ensure the funds are there to allow them to go if they wish to. In the twenty first century, more than ever, simply going to school, as well as being a youngster in general is more expensive than ever so know your limitations and seek help from reliable sources if and when you need it.

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