Are You Harnessing the Power of Social Media?


With entrepreneurs waking up left, right, and centre, the business environment is becoming all the more competitive now. One can’t be too careful when it comes to making a success out of their business. There’s no dearth of general education and training, there’s no standard exceeding which would have claimed you the top spot.

However, the very fact that the current resources can be exploited in the wrong way should be enough to alert you how you can win the game. One such resource is the booming social media, amazing tool to connect you with and engage your customers. Nevertheless, there’s a certain level of responsibility you need to display if you are to benefit from its potential. There have been instances when the same companies who had a passionate customer base have been forced by public embarrassment to consider alternate techniques or marketing.

But as entrepreneurs and business person like Steve Liefschultz are only well too aware of, it doesn’t matter if you’re a large corporation or small, you need the support of the common man. You can’t just assume for your brainchild to be 100% yours only; in this century and age, it’s the consumers who direct trends and not vice versa. That’s why engaging them positively is so important. However perfect your product or service be, they are pretty worthless if they can’t get people to market the same.

And getting customers to write you a review or like your page or tweet your quotes is just one part of your worries. It’s not even the fact that they might just as well be move on to the next company, possibly your competitor, and get cozy with them. Know what’s worse? For them to leave you a complaint or a negative review that have equally high visibility and so a greater chance to ruin your image.

Social Media and CRM

With the rise of giants like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, social media has had an impact on almost all facts of society. So, you can’t just say that people like Steve Liefschultz are the only ones better at using social media; every business relies on this powerful facilitator of customer service. The customer service has evolved from support tickets, email correspondence, and live chat buttons; it has improved significantly having social media as an integral component.

Whether you consider it in terms of crisis management, perception improvement, or sentiment monitoring, it’s instant nature makes it more compelling – which is why it’s imperative that you remain updated on it, deal with concerns swiftly, offer desired services on the go, and let your consumers interact on a more personal level. Unfortunately, not responding quickly or satisfactorily is how companies continue to miss the mark because they seem apparently too uninterested in their own efforts on social media.

Making sure you have enough people on job and on one page additionally to address the concerns posted online in real-time; investing in the right tools to equip them to manage these interactions and provide solutions as required, and revising your strategy every few months or so are fail-proof tips to harness the power of social media.

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