Criteria For Successful Niche Websites

A niche site is a website that you create based on a certain topic like butterfly catching or wire jewelry. It’s usually built by people who are passionate about the topics, but there are some entrepreneurs who use niche websites as a strategy to gain a passive income.

These entrepreneurs will create a few niche websites with information and resources that an audience finds useful. The owner of the website will place ads or sell products that will bring in an income. Once the websites are published, the owners will generate traffic to these websites and largely spend most of their time on upkeep for the remainder of the time that the website is live.

There are several methods to finding niches to start a niche website. You should choose topics that you’re passionate about to create the site. When you’re passionate about a subject, that will shine through in the site and help to draw in traffic. The only problem with this is that if you’re passionate about a subject it most likely has a lot of competition from other website owners.

When choosing a niche, you can’t choose a generic keyword like animals or lawyers. You’ll need to drill down further into the niche to find topics that do not have much competition from other websites. After you have your topics, you’ll need to research for keywords.

When doing the keyword research, you can use a free tool from Google called Keyword Planner. It lets you search for keywords and makes suggestions based on the keyword you’ve entered. The keyword animals will bring up choices based on what people are entering into Google’s search engine. Phrases like wild animals and extinct animals would be a better choice with less competition.

After doing the research and finding the right keyword, you have to decide whether you should use the keyword as your domain name. Most entrepreneurs will use a variation of one of their keywords as the domain name. When you’re creating a niche site, you’ll most likely create more than one so you should find the cheapest domain name registration from a site like

If you choose a domain name that already exists, you can add articles like “the” or “an” to the name if it makes sense. Make sure the name is simple to spell and remember since you’ll want visitors to find it easily. You could add a hyphen to the name, but make sure there’s only one, or it could be confusing.

You’ve chosen the keywords for your site and purchased the domain. It’s time to start writing information on your topic. The information should provide value to the visitor through articles, videos, infographics and other types of media.

The best niche sites will become the definitive authority on that niche, which brings in both visitors and income. It takes work to get started and to start driving traffic, but many entrepreneurs have been successful with niche sites to make their primary income.

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