Four Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Domain


The internet has become a major force in many industries. Therefore, it is little surprise that companies, organizations, and associations have been flocking to the internet with a feverish pace. Before a business or private owner decides to buy domain names, there are few things to consider. The extension, which is the .com, .net, or other part of the name, is important, but potential buyers should also consider the directory submission process, ease of marketing, and social media implications associated with the domain. After all, coming up with a catchy slogan is much easier when the name fits comfortably into a sentence.

The Right Extension

While the .com continues to dominate the internet as the top extension, others have sprung up in recent years. For example, .expert, .solutions, .expert, and more are all available thanks to the increasingly crowded nature of the internet. Companies and individuals should consider the off extensions to take advantage of potentially lower purchasing costs.

Directory Submission Process

Simply owning a website and waiting for visitors to find the site is a recipe for little traffic and minimal exposure. Every site needs to be submitted to search engines in order to rank in the search results. While many domain sellers offer this service as an added cost, owners can handle the submission process on their own. The real challenge is the vast amount of search engines that need to be covered. While Google is popular and receives the bulk of the search traffic, it is not the only search engine on the internet.

Ease of Marketing

Before committing to a domain name, owners need to take into consideration the market that will surround and define the brand. Every website needs to have some sort of marketing plan, and a name that is easy to remember and simply to spell will be much easier and less confusing for visitors to find. In short, keeping an eye on the future needs of the brand or site is always a good idea.

Social Media Implications

The partner of search engines when it comes to driving traffic to a website is social media. Sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and more are valuable tools that domain owners need to take advantage of. The domain name is important because it serves as the title of the page, which means choosing unique and distinctive name is of the utmost importance. Customers or readers need to be able to find the site, and while social media can make that happen, the medium needs a little boost.

In the end, prior to purchasing a domain the buyer needs to have performed a fair bit of research. Looking at social media needs, marketing needs, directory submissions, and the proper extensions can result in a much easier online experience. Since the internet is crowded already, companies and businesses heading digital for the first time need to weigh the additional factors before choosing a name. After all, standing out and being found in a crowded field does not have to be a difficult task.

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