How to Join the World of Real Estate

Whether you are interested in helping people find the home of their dreams or helping a young entrepreneur locate the perfect site for their new business, real estate is the field for you. If you are interested in a Nevada real estate license, read on to learn what is necessary for a career in this field.

Education in the Real Estate World

Nevada offers three types of real estate licenses, and each one requires a specific level of education or experience in real estate before applying for a license. Real estate school can be taken online or in person. Also, make sure to check with the state’s Division of Real Estate to make sure the program you enter is a recognized and accredited program. Depending on the type of real estate license you’re looking to receive, you will need a maximum of 90 hours of education. If you already have experience in the real estate field, years of experience can be credited towards the needed number of college hours.

The following courses should be offered in the curriculum:

  • Real Estate Principles
  • Real Estate Laws
  • Real Estate Appraisals

After the required courses are successfully completed, students must pass a multiple choice test with a minimum score of 75% in order to apply for a license.

Types of Real Estate Licenses

The three types of real estate licenses offered in Nevada are the agent/salesperson, the broker/salesperson, and the broker. The agent/salesperson is the most basic of the real estate licenses. Having fulfilled the 90 hours of education, the agent/salesperson is able to be the legal representation during home and business transactions.

After working as an agent/salesperson for at least two years, you can advance in the real estate field by becoming a broker/salesperson. Once you successfully complete a broker exam, as a broker/salesperson, you work under the authority of a broker but are allowed to help manage a real estate branch. You continue the same duties as an agent/salesperson by representing clients during selling and buying transactions.

The broker license allows you to manage a real estate firm and the agents working under you. To receive this license, you must complete a 45-hour broker management course and have been a broker/salesperson for at least two years.

The world of real estate can be exciting, and with the different types of licenses available to Nevada residents, this is a career that has room for advancement.



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