How to Market a Lawyer’s Website


With the ever-changing technology, every aspiring business person has to know the most effective ways to keep his business going. Actually, the Internet has revolutionized the way in which many people do business and communicate with their clients these days. For attorneys, they do not hesitate to create web presence in order to capture a wider market. Advertising online does not only increase online visibility, but it has also become the standard in which every business is judged by potential clients. So, lawyers have seen it helpful to have business websites where they show their expertise, areas of specialization and other crucial info. By properly utilizing certain online marketing tools, you can comfortably survive in this competitive world of business. In this article, you will learn how you can properly market your lawyer’s website.

Always Monitor Traffic

94 Website traffic monitoring should be your top priority. Get to know how people frequently visit your site. You should be aware of the incoming web traffic so as to gauge the visibility of your site. Once you are aware of this, you may tell which way to go.

Invest in SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is arguably the best way to market a website. It provides organic traffic that is captured at the peak of interest. However, SEO for lawyers and attorneys needs to be broached carefully, as SEO agencies target attorneys for their deep pockets. Do your research and ask around - find an SEO agency that suits your firm's needs.

Make Use of Legal Directories

Most lawyers have not realized the importance of legal directories. For your information, these directories can help you promote your business in many ways. For instance, a legal directory can drive traffic to your website. It can also increase your page ranking on Google. The other benefit of a legal directory is that of indexing your web pages. So, do not overlook this at any given time.

Consider Publishing Legal Articles Online

This is another great way to market your attorney’s website. It is true that potential clients want to read new content each and every time they visit your website. Besides adding content to your site, there are so many other sites that exist to publish articles, even for free. You can actually use them to reach your target audience. To achieve this, consider going to where your readers and peers are most likely to gather. More importantly, your articles must be informative and easy to read. Always direct them to your website after reading the content. That way, you are going to increase traffic to your website.

Google + Local for Law Firms

Google Places enable law firms to create a page found on Google’s local search. By making sure that basic information is updated regularly, your business is likely to stand out. You are also expected to offer extra details such as photos, hours and coupons in order to entice more visitors. 95

Blogs for Lawyers

If you are a lawyer by profession, you need to know the advantages of having a personalized blog. One of the most vital benefits of owning a blog is that it creates a way for fresh content. It also establishes a personal touch by the attorney. If you use legal software you could write an article about the benefits of it. If you specialize in certain types of cases you could have endless content opportunities. Note that businesses without online presence are overlooked by most of the potential clients. It is therefore good to have a blog and make sure you add fresh and relevant content all the time.

Use of Social Media

Social medial platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are used by many attorneys to promote their legal businesses nowadays. A dedicated lawyer will create a business page on Facebook in order to reach his target group. If you know how to customize your page well and interact with your fans, then you are likely to increase traffic to your site.

Use of Online Videos

It is true that lawyers can use online videos as an advertising tool. Note that a video is eye-catching and dynamic. A lot can be communicated through a simple video. In fact, a good video can give your clients a personal connection to you and your law firm. Also, an eye-catching video can speak about the legitimacy of your business. It can also make your website stand out from the rest since not many advertisers use this method. To conclude, there are indeed many ways you can promote your lawyer’s website. For example, you can read lawyer’s marketing articles. Truly, there are many professional marketing consultants who have written about marketing law firms and they have published their articles online. Actually, the list is endless since the technology is ever changing. But by sticking to the above tips, you can make your lawyer’s website stand out and gain a lot of traffic.

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