How to Protect Your Company From Cyber Threats


Cyber Security is also known as Information Technology Security, is a set of practices that aim at protecting networks, computers, programs and data from unauthorized access, alteration or destruction. To any company, large or small, cyber security should be a top priority.

Today, the Internet has transformed the way companies and organizations conduct business. Companies are now able to make deals and conduct sales online without any need for physical contact. However, the Internet has been flocked by thousands, if not millions, of cyber criminals/hackers. Cyber criminals are people who hack or write programs that can hack into computers and networks to either access, alter or damage restricted data. This might lead to misuse of the data or financial constraints due to lack of accurate data records. Companies and organizations are, therefore, the most vulnerable to cyber threats.

Ways in Which Companies are Vulnerable to Cyber Threats

Mobile Insecurity

In recent year, the popularity of mobile computing has taken a huge leap. A large number of the population prefer mobile devices to traditional computers to surf the internet. Companies are also following the trend by conducting conferences via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This practice increases the risk of the company’s network system being hacked. Most companies have, however, not invested greatly in cyber security for the mobile infrastructure.

Unprotected Wi-Fi

If the company’s Wi-Fi lacks password security, it’s quite easy for their system to be hacked into due to free connectivity to the system. It highly recommended for any company to use wired internet connections rather than Wi-Fi.

Untrained Employees

Employees usually conduct in insecure cyber practices due to the lack of proper training. It is essential for any company, therefore, to invest in training programs that promote secure cyber practices from the employees.

Lack of Encryption

Encryption of network systems is essential to cyber security. It’s more difficult for an encrypted firewall system to be hacked through.

Vulnerable Devices

If a Company’s computers or mobile devices lack a mode of security lock, it’s easy for the devices to be used to access the company’s network. This enables access to all data available in the network.

Ways of Improving Cyber Security

To minimize the risk of cyber attacks, certain precautions and practices have to be implemented. This ensures continued security to the company’s data. Such practices include:


Setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most recommended method of ensuring cyber security. VPN helps secure Web sessions, financial transactions, transmitted data and personal information while on the Internet. This is achieved by hiding the device’s real IP Address making the device anonymous.

Hide.Me is a VPN provision software that helps in setting up secure connections to the internet via anonymous browsing. The software uses advanced VPN tunneling technology to ensure network security while online. The software offers a trial version enabling users to try out the product before making a purchase.

Anti-Virus Software

These programs help prevent malicious programs from installing. This malicious programs might be used to hack network systems. Anti-virus software also secure the system from viruses that might damage crucial data.

Frequent Updates

Frequent updates to the cyber security system and software will ensure that the network system is equipped with the latest security features. This is also important since cyber criminals tend to find loop-hole in these systems and software with time. However, software providers fix these issues through updates.

Frequent Change of Passwords

Changing the company’s security passwords regularly makes it difficult for any unauthorized personnel to guess the correct password and access restricted data.

Secure E-mail

This is a service that offers security to email addresses. This ensures that e-mails sent or received are secure regardless of the e-mail provider.

For the success of any company, its cyber security level should be top-notch and frequently updated. The cost of neglecting investments in cyber security is far much greater than the little cost incurred in ensuring the same.

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