Internet marketing – What will be its impact on various industries?


Each New Year comes with certain changes and this year is not an exception. As the face of the internet landscape is gradually changing with every Google algorithm update, so will the internet marketing practices also change with regards to SEO, organic search, content marketing, social media interactions and many more. Irrespective of the industry in which you are operating, internet marketing will have some or the other effect on almost everything. The adoption of Internet and its usage is also vital for providing information, enhancing brand awareness and it also helps in driving sales. So, if you wish to know how internet marketing will impact certain industries in 2015, you may read on the concerns of this article.

  • The social media industry: Social media is a big portion of the comprehensive marketing strategy for each and every industry within the market. Lawyers, fitness centers, gym owners, nutritionists and almost everyone needs to have a presence on the social media as this is one of the best ways of making your brand seem accessible while engaging yourself in conversations about the services and products. It is only through social media presence that you can improve search engine rankings and also maintain the online visibility of the company.
  • The mobile industry: In 2015, creating responsive design websites will become more important than ever. An increasingly large number of individuals will use mobile devices to access websites and content on the go. If you wish to remain on top of the mobile search results, you should make information primarily accessible to all kinds of mobile devices. Both internet marketing and mobile marketing is critical for advertising client listings. Many other service-oriented industries are gradually beginning to comprehend the importance of organized mobile marketing.
  • Targeted advertising industry: Did you ever visit the website of a restaurant to check out their menu and later found out their advertisements on other sites? This is called targeted advertising as this will appear everywhere starting from your Gmail inbox to your social media pages and even on the news site that you mostly visit. These are ads that are designed to specifically reach to site visitors and this in fact encourages more visibility and higher conversion rates.
  • Visual content industry: Video, pictures and infographics are heavily used in mobile marketing. Watch out for vivid picture backgrounds with semi-transparent content as with the help of technology you can make graphic-heavy content load easily. Infographics will still continue to be the best choice for representing quick facts and statistics visually. They say a picture speaks better than words and it is also true with the idea behind using infographics. Webgraphics are also on the rise, thereby allowing the site to become a small clickable infographic.

Hence, if you’re someone who is worried about the ways in which internet marketing has an impact on the different industries, you can take into account the above mentioned facts. For more information on digital marketing, you may check out

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