Marketing In 2016: How To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors

In the ever-changing world of marketing it’s often challenging to keep abreast of new trends. It’s even harder to analyse which methods and trends will be of specific use to your brand.

The personal touch

The power of social media, the growth of video in marketing, and the strength of inbound marketing are all trends that are set to continue in 2016. In addition to these tools, business cards have been making a recent comeback. Business cards from Helloprint are indispensable if you want to make a lasting impression. A well-designed card with your logo and company branding is an effective marketing tool and also complements your online presence.

Make sure that all contact details are printed, your social media and website addresses should also be on the card, and you could always write a message on the card so that your contact remembers you when they’ve returned to their office.

Video is growing

The influential business publication, Forbes Magazine suggests that online video marketing is set to explode in 2016. If you want to beat your competitors remember that online video ads can distract a viewer as much as entice them. Make sure that your company or product video is well made – just because the whole world owns a video camera it doesn’t mean that everyone on the planet can actually create a visually pleasing and effective film or advertisement.

Make sure your online marketing is mobile friendly

With the ever increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets and laptops if your website isn’t mobile friendly in 2016 you will be missing a potentially huge audience for any of your digital marketing campaigns. Only recently, Google announced that mobile use has overtaken desktop popularity, so if you haven’t taken this trend into account you may be giving your competitors the edge.

You can never carry out too much research

Even if you can’t attend a marketing conference in person, you should be aware of the latest trends in marketing. Most conferences will publish online extracts with headline grabbing announcements featuring prominently on their websites. Simply type ‘marketing trends’ into your browser and try to keep on top of this fast changing topic.

Content dominates

The word content is often confusing as it applies to both online and offline marketing. An image can be classified as content, as can a blog post, and the strapline on an advertising hoarding. One trend that is set to grow is the fact that all content has to be original, well presented and should catch the attention of the consumer. Even companies that have a small marketing budget should ensure that their websites are distinctive, and their blog posts are original.

As the growth of new technology increasingly dominates the world of marketing, experts agree that the use of apps will become more popular and 100 billion apps have been downloaded since 2013, with brand loyalty apps leading the way.
The future looks complex but also exciting; make sure that you keep abreast of new marketing trends in order to get ahead of your competitors.

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