Questions to Ask before Buying a Banner


When you want to grab the attention of potential clients driving or walking by your business or if you want to be head and shoulders above your competition at the next trade show, consider investing in some banners. These colourful and attractive marketing tools are very effective at delivering the information that your audience needs to buy your product. Once you’ve decided that you want to include banners in your marketing plans, there are a few questions that you should ask printers before you hire them to make a banner for your company.

  1. The first question you should discuss is the material from which your banner will be constructed. Vinyl banners are flexible, have a variety of finishes, and can be designed in vivid colours that add appeal to your company’s information. If you need both UV and weather proof banners, be sure to ask the experts about vinyl.
  2. Next you should ask about the size of banner that would work for your needs. Banners come in a range of sizes and can be custom made for you if you prefer an oversized banner for your next event. Your printer will inform you of the sizes that he can provide and will recommend the one he thinks will work best for you.
  3. You should also discuss with your printer the difference between outdoor and indoor banners, how you can hang the banner, and how durable the banner will be. Sites like can provide you with ideas and inspiration regarding some of the options that you will have and the prices that each will cost.
  4. Ask your printer how quickly the banner can be made, what designs will be used, if the product will be proofed before it’s made, and what will happen if a mistake is found on the banner after it’s created. A reputable printer will listen to your ideas, offer suggestions based on his expertise, and together you can arrive at a banner that will help you to achieve your goals and objectives.
  5. Another question to ask is if you can supply the artwork that you want on the banner or if the printer has a graphic design service which may produce a more professional image to help establish your brand. It’s very important to use quality images along with clear and concise content on your banner; keep it simple and ask your professional printer his advice if you have questions or concerns.
  6. Will your banner come with a carrying case? This is an extremely important question especially if you attend numerous trade shows and conventions. Banners are mobile marketing strategies that must be protected in a carrying case if you are to take full advantage of this investment.
Before you purchase a banner, be sure to meet with a team of printing professionals that can listen carefully to your ideas, combine them with their own talents and skills, and bring your thoughts to life on an attractive and functional banner.   Image courtesy of pakorn/

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