The Ford Transit Fits the Modern Small Business


The term “small business” has seen an evolution in its meaning during the past couple years. Where “small business” used to imply a physical spot, even a brick and mortar building, today’s entrepreneurs have to operate according to customers’ schedules. Large industries/corporations like AirBNB and Uber call for small businesspeople to have a vehicle or a place to live, and little else. This modern business climate it calling for people in unrelated fields to be a little more mobile. Enter the Ford Transit.

Historically, commercial vehicles for the small business were not, shall we say, the most user friendly. Most of these vehicles were heavy on the commercial, emphasizing function over form. Not so with the Ford Transit. This ain’t your daddy’s old service van. Sleek and compact (yet incredibly spacious), the Ford Transit rides the important line between appearance and performance.

As illustrated in their new ad campaign, this appeals to a broader set of small businesses than the old-school transport van used to. Businesses, like Kerrie Peterson from Mrs Fixit Home Repair, need to show up to work sites with a lot of equipment in tow, but they also need to look good doing it. The Transit is an affordable way to get the job done without sacrificing aesthetics. In Kerrie’s case, she’s able to fit her entire shop in her Ford Transit, all while remaining consistent with her brand’s image.

This quality of the Ford Transit scales with the size and scope of your business. With three roof heights, three lengths, two wheelbases, and three engines to choose from, the Ford Transit is made to fit your business’s specific requirements. There are plenty of other details to choose from, including passenger or cargo van, as well as tons of upfitting options. When all this comes in at such an affordable price, the new Ford Transit is a no-brainer for lots of today’s small businesses, who need to get mobile, and who need to look good doing it.

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