Top Reasons Why Water Conservation is Necessary

Think about the situation when billions of people are cut out from clean water and a war breaks out. The situation will be grim when the entire world face water scarcity. Many remote regions in Sahara and African countries have already started feeling the pinch of water scarcity. There are global campaign running around on saving water and cleanliness. Millions, including children die every year due to waterborne disease and lack of basic sanitation.

Patrick Imbardelli, managing director of investment company Imbardelli Holdings Limited, has spent his 30-year career in the hospitality industry. He has now joined with the ambassadors of Whole World Water, a charity registered in the UK that seeks to grow a fund for investment in clean and safe water projects worldwide. The vision of the charity is to offer access to clean and safe water.

Let us now check the need of Water Conservation:

  • Scarcity of Water: As mentioned above, world is facing the scarcity of water and one need to act sooner to avoid conflict and major destruction. So to avoid this situation, water conservation is very essential. Moreover, by following proper cleanliness, the water pollution will also decrease in many ways.
  • Protecting Eco-Systems: Protecting our natural eco-system is very essential, especially for the survival of endangered species. Oceans and sea are the lifeblood of eco-systems and damaging it can create a negative impact. Today, these eco-streams are used as dumping grounds, hurting everything that relies on these water sources. 
  • Saving Energy: Energy comes from water, and with the scarcity in water, there will be scarcity in energy too. In order to pump out the water to your home and office, there is a requirement of water. Studies have shown that, California, alone utilizes 6.5 percent consumes energy. So one can calculate how much percentage of energy is consumed worldwide.
  • Maintaining Sewage System: Water is very essential in flushing out draining human waste from house and drainage system. We can’t even imagine the drainage system without water and how it can create epidemic havoc if let without flushing. Therefore, water is very essential to have a proper sewage system.

The Global Campaign:

There is a global campaign by the non-profit organization and hoping to raise $1 billion. The fund will assure clean water and offering basic sanitation. The hospitality industry is also going to take participate in this Whole World Water campaign. Further to strengthen the campaign, the organization has also appointed ambassadors including Patrick Imbardelli who will help in gaining funds and spreading the awareness about water conservation.

The organization will also take participating in replacing commercially branded water with their own filtered water and filtered water at the best given price.


The ultimate aim of the organization is to create awareness about water conservation through worldwide charities that will eventually lead to good future.

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