Truvada lawsuit claims damage to kidney and bones

It was 8 may, 2018, when 2 cases where filled against the Gilead Sciences, Inc. Gilead science, Inc was held liable for promoting a medicine for HIV, which caused permanent damage to kidney and bones. This Truvada lawsuit was filled by an HIV patent of California who has personally suffered from the kidney and bone damaged. Which was due to taking Gilead medications containing the active ingredient tenofovir disoproxil fumarate (TDF)? This could be highly toxic if taken in prolonged periods. It is a mixture that is used to decrease the level of HIV present in the body. As said, there is no cure for AIDS, but Truvada could reduce the risk of becoming HIV VIRUS complicated.

What is happening in Truvada

Truvada was reported to cause, which then resulted in adverse effects on the consumers. The product was not warned with the impact which can be caused due to Truvada. The following effects are:-

Kidney damage which leads to kidney failure.

A decrease in the density of bone minerals. Etc


Lawsuits have been filed against the Gilead Science Inc, that the company has not only manufactured such risky medicine but also not informed the risk associated with the doses of the drug. Against Truvada side effects and complications, there were many cases reported against the side effect. This was also filled by many of the consumer, who has been using the medicine. Below mentioned effects were usually noticed:-

  •                     Abdominal pain;
  •                     Liver problems;
  •                     Nausea;
  •                     Diarrhea;
  •                     Headache;
  •                     Dizziness;
  •                     Fatigue
  •                     Depression; and
  •                     Rash

The lawsuit can be filed against any of the illness mentioned above if been seen after the intake of medicine.

There was also bone problem registered, where the case was raised against the muscular pain, bone fracture, worsening bone pain. There was also some weaknesses, muscle pain found among the victims.


The main symptoms of kidney failure

Kidney failure couldn’t just get into the picture instantly. During the process of kidney failure, one faces various pre effects of kidney failure. The symptoms of failure were noted as fatigue, weakness, swelling in feet and angle, change in how much you urinate, shortness in breathing high blood pressure. If you have been facing any side effects, as mentioned above, you should immediately consult your doctor. And lawsuit can also be filled if the symptoms are after the effect of Truvada.


How can the law help against Truvada?

Two types of the lawsuit are considered when you are filling a trial. In a class action, all members are being treated as a collective group and are given the same amount of compensation, whereas, in mass tort, each person is treated as individual and at the end, awarded as the circumstances, and loss caused. Truvada falls under the mass tort. Therefore if one has suffered from any of the ill effects can contact their part of compensation. You can seek advice if you are thinking of filinga lawsuit.

Ultimate goal.

It is our goal to make Gilead liable for making such type of drugs, make them answerable against the suffering of victims.


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