Using Technology to Benefit Your Blog


You already use plenty of tech applications like social networking sites and analytic applications to benefit your blog. But what if there were a way to make things even easier? Say hello to some of the latest tech features, gadgets, and applications that will make blogging easier and your efforts more effective. Check out these ways you can use tech to benefit your blog.

Drive With Visuals


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Did you know that more than half of the population -- 65 percent -- are visual learners? While blogs are traditionally text-based, you can add a lot of appeal and make your blog posts more interesting by adding quality graphics that help drive readers down the page. For instance, if you're writing up a tutorial, photographing every step of the process can create more value to the readers. In turn, this can lead to more engagement, shares, and followers.

But how do you find those high-quality visuals? You can always start by purchasing stock photos or finding free images under a creative commons license. But even better than that, you can take your own photographs and post them in your blog post. Providers such as T-Mobile offer some of the best smartphones on the market, with cameras that rival traditional camera models. With one of these smartphones in hand it shouldn't be tough to capture high-quality photos from your own home. Then, use Canva, a fantastic graphic design tool, to help you create sharable photos.

Translate Your Blog

Do you want to reach a wider audience? One easy way to do this is by translating your blog into different languages. Given that only about a third of people online know English, you can expand to a huge audience if you help bridge the communication gap that's keeping you from two-thirds of Internet users. It's such a simple idea that, unfortunately, few blogs are taking advantage of. Depending on your site's topic, it can definitely be beneficial and lead to a lot of exposure in places that you never thought possible.

Think it's going to be tough? You don't have to be fluent in a second language to do it! All it takes is a bit of tech-savvy talent. Actually, you hardly need that. With the right tools, you can translate your blog in a snap. Start by reviewing this quick tutorial on one easy way to do this.

Create Content in Several Formats


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Repurposing the same content and putting it into different forms does several things for you. For one, it can help you reach a wider audience based on how they learn. For instance, some people might learn best by reading, in which case they'll be drawn to your text-based blog posts. Others may learn best through audio, so they'll listen to your podcasts while many of your followers learn through visuals and will enjoy video content.

Use technology and the applications available to you to develop content in multiple formats. Start by writing a blog post, and then reinforce points through videos, slideshows, or podcasts as a way to drive more people to your content. And then, of course, submit your videos to sites like YouTube for maximum exposure. Explore the many apps available that make this easier, such as ProShow Web Slideshow Creator for slideshows, or start with Magisto - Magical Video Editor for video content.

Create a Lively Community

The thing about blogging is that it helps create a sense of community with your followers, and it sparks discussion. But do you think that they're going to stick around if you seem virtually non-existent outside of your scheduled updates? Probably not.

That's where mobile technology comes in handy. By using mobile apps like WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter, you can stay in touch with blog and social media comments to keep your blog alive and thriving, even at times when you can't make it to the computer. It's this type of commitment that's going to keep people invested in you and what you have to say.

There's no arguing that technology can improve our lives. When it comes to your blog, stepping up from the basic tools and using tech applications that you haven't thought of before can put that bit of pizzazz that you're looking for back into your blog. How will you use technology to improve your blog?

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