Why Hiring an Exhibition Stand is a Good Investment

While we all know how important it is to use exhibition stands at events to garner attention to your business, there’s no rule that says we have to invest in one. In fact, many business owners find that it is far more productive to hire one that can be used as and when you want to attend an event. This is especially good for a company that doesn’t plan on attending lots of events throughout the year but it can also be an intelligent choice for anyone who is short of storage space.

If you only have a small budget to work with, hiring a stand is a good way to still be able to attend different events but without having to spend more than you can afford. Hiring a stand allows you to have a unique stand that showcases your message and you also have the flexibility to be able to change to a different design whenever you want. Here are a few reasons why you may want to hire an exhibition stand:

  • If you don’t exhibit very often

  • It is your first exhibition and you want to do a test run

  • You need to exhibit at more than one location at a time

  • You want the flexibility to change your stand when you introduce new products

  • You want to test out different designs before deciding which one works best

  • If you are on a limited budget

Hiring a stand for an exhibition rather than buying one allows you to have maximum impact on your audience without incurring the high cost of investing in one. It gives you the freedom to try out different designs, set-ups and approaches to see what works best before you actually buy one and you can hire all of the following to help to create a productive stall:

  • The lighting

  • Graphics

  • Plinths

  • Walls

  • Archways

  • The framework

  • Doors

  • Counters

With the addition of your branded graphics, all of these items will help you to create an effective design for your stand and don’t forget that attracting attention from your audience is just the first part of having a good stand – the next is all about being able to keep your audience at your stand long enough for you to convey your message.

This means digital engagement which can be in the form of:

  • Competitions

  • Games

  • Surveys

  • Quizzes

  • Interactive media centres

Integrating lead capture forms onto these digital tools allows you to make sure that you can contact potential leads simply after the event without a pen and paper in sight.

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