Why is point of sale important?


High street retail is now a hugely competitive industry and if shops are to stand a chance of achieving long-term success, they have to pull out all the stops to entice consumers through their doors and to encourage them to make purchases once they are actually in store. Point of sale (POS) displays are widely acknowledged to perform a crucial role in helping firms to achieve this goal, but why exactly are these stands so important?

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Increasing sales

Achieving impressive sales levels is the holy grail in the world of retail, and effective POS can play a major role in persuading people to purchase products and services. These displays can attract consumers’ attention and alert them to goods or deals that they may otherwise have missed. Using appealing artwork and effective calls to action, POS can encourage people to make a range of purchases. Supporting this idea, retail experts CJ Retail Solutions note that well planned and maintained displays help to drive incremental sales.

Fitting stores with suitable POS stands and making sure they are always up-to-date and in good condition may require a little investment, but this money can be recouped many times over thanks to the increased sales these setups can bring.

Protecting your brand

Another reason why POS is considered to be so crucial for retailers is because of the influence the displays can have on brand perceptions. Cultivating an appealing image among consumers is not easy and one of the key points that all companies must grasp if they are to achieve this is the importance of consistency. When consumers are searching for products or services, they want to deal with firms that they trust and admire. Appealing POS displays that reflect companies’ key selling points help to give a strong brand image and this can have positive consequences in terms of sales and general reputation. In contrast, shoddy displays can be hugely off putting to potential customers.

Contributing to the retail experience

On a related point, well planned and executed POS can make a general contribution to people’s retail experiences. These stands help to give stores structure and they can form an attractive and vibrant focal point. Given that consumers now benefit from considerable choice in terms of high street stores and they can buy online for added convenience, brick and mortar retailers have to do all they can to make their stores enjoyable and dynamic places to shop in.

POS clearly has an important role to play in high street retail, so it’s no surprise that firms are taking this element of store design so seriously.

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