Advice On A Sign For Your Business

The sign you put over the front door of your business should represent what your customers will find inside the building. Your sign should be a visual encapsulation of what your company offers, and the level of service that you offer. Many business owners contract with electrical sign services to create the ideal representation of their company, but it helps to understand the different sign options before you get your sign made.

Standard Signs

In the electrical sign world, a standard sign is a lighted box with the sign information painted on a plastic surface. The light causes the plastic to illuminate, which makes the sign easy to see at night, or during the day. You can also add a string of light bulbs going around the sign to bring it more attention. If the image on the plastic is done properly, then this sort of sign is an ideal and economic solution for any business. The sign is easy to see, it is easy to change if the business owner wants, and it is easy to maintain.

Animated Signs

If you own a carpentry shop and want your sign to show a carpenter hammering a nail into a board, then you can always get an animated sign for your business. Animated signs require a little more design work and routine maintenance, but they can really help your business to stand apart from the competition. Some animated signs are made from wood, while others are made from vinyl or plastic. A professional sign maker can also develop a great way to make sure that your sign can be seen at night.

Neon Signs

Contrary to popular belief, neon signs are definitely not a thing of the past. These very bright and colorful signs are often considered works of art, and they can help increase foot traffic to any business that uses them. One of the drawbacks to a neon sign is that it is not as effective during the day as it is at night, but there are two solutions to that problem. The first solution is to paint the background of the sign the same colors as the neon so the sign can be easily seen during the day. The other solution is to put the sign in the front picture window where it is dark enough for the neon to be seen.

Restoring Old Signs

Some sign companies will help restore an old business sign for you, and then repurpose it to fit your business. Restoring old signs of locally popular businesses from days gone by can give your business an emotional link to the local community that other signs might not be able to provide. Before you decide to utilize and older sign, make sure that any imagery you decide to keep on the sign is not copyrighted to another business.

The sign on your business is as important as the sales people who talk to your customers. If you rely on foot traffic to generate revenue, then an appealing and welcoming sign is just as important as a good product selection. When you work with a professional electronic sign company, you will be able to choose a sign design that fits your business and will appeal to your target audience.

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