Benefits of Working with South African Immigration Consultants

immigration consultants in South AfricaDo you want to settle in a different country but are not aware of all the legal aspects associated with it or the immigration policy by the government of the country you wish to settle in? Now you can forget about all the hassles by just employing the services of immigration consultants.

Who are Immigration Consultants?

Immigration consultants provide you all kinds of legal assistance related to your immigration to a new country and settling there, like wok permit, visa etc. The immigration consultants cannot be called as experts in the legal matters related to immigration procedures instead they help you to complete the paperwork and must charge a reasonable fee as per the country’s legislatives rules, if they are working independently. If you face any hardships with acceptance of your stay in the other country, immigration consultants can easily help you in that matter.

You can avail the South African immigration visa for various purposes like excursions, long-term work, study-based projects or permanent residency visa, if you want to settle in South Africa.

Different Types of Visa available in South Africa

  • Business visa:  if you are trying to avail business visa, then remember that it will concentrate on your knowledge and capitalist skills and will be valid for two years.
  • Spousal visa:  Based on the relationship or marital status of yours, you can apply for either a permanent residence permit or a temporary residence permit.
  • Student visa:  you can avail student visa if you are going for a long project or have registered in a course and you must complete the course. For short projects, student visa is not given; you can use a travel or visitor visa also known as the 90-day limit.
  • Medical visa:  if the cost of medical treatment in your native country is too high, you may want to travel to South Africa to avail the treatment from a public or private hospital; or any other certified health institute or health farms like detoxification clinics and treatment centers. You will need to avail a medical visa for this purpose; and need to carry a letter from the medical practitioner or the any other concerned institution.
  • Visitor visa:  the immigration consultants in South Africa are the determining authority on the issue of your entrance or the duration of your stay at the South African port.

If you avail the professional services of the immigration consultants, you can save your time and efforts, which are required to secure the relevant work permits or any other documents related to the immigration. It does not matter, if you are an individual, business person, an organization, or a family; you can avail the assistance of the immigration consultants in South Africa; who would always provide you with the best services, exceeding your expectations. You can get their committed assistance in case you are being deported too. The immigration consultants take care of your immigration needs from A to Z, without missing on anything so that you experience a hassle-free immigration process.

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