Business Security Camera Technology Has Become Advanced

People have been using a security camera to protect their business for many years. These devices have been a valuable tool when it comes to deterring criminals from committing a robbery or a burglary. The recordings made by a security camera have also aided in the arrest of countless suspects who would have gotten away with their crimes if a security camera was not installed on the premises. The technology involved with the way that these cameras are designed has become more advanced as the years have gone by. This has made them much more effective than the models of the past. Here are some examples of how far business security cameras have come.

1. A business owner can access his or her security camera at any time from any place on the planet.

You might own a business. You are taking a vacation far away from where your business is located. Therefore, it is impossible for you to stop by your business and see what is going on. However, there is no need for you to worry. A modern security camera can be your eyes and allow you to check in on your business whenever you feel the need to do so. Many of the new security camera models are associated with various programs and websites that allow you to access the feed from your security camera at any time of the day or night. All you need to do is log in with your password. You can then see everything that the camera is looking at. You can also view multiple feeds if you have more than one security camera installed at your business. This is common because most business owners have cameras installed inside and outside. Being able to watch a live feed from a security camera does much more than give business owners the ability to see crimes in progress. They can also keep tabs on their employees to make sure they are working and not slacking off.

2. The clarity of security camera videos has improved by leaps and bounds.

You probably remember seeing surveillance videos of robberies played on the TV news many years ago. Most of these videos were very grainy and low quality. In many cases, it was impossible to clearly see the faces of the people in the video. Needless to say, a security camera video is worthless if you are not able to identify the perpetrators of a crime that was caught on camera. That problem no longer exists thanks to the fact that most new security camera models utilize digital recording technology. This means that the videos that are recorded by these cameras are extremely clear. They are similar to watching a DVD. This is essential when it comes to making positive identifications of suspects. The clarity of these videos also helps investigators see important details in the background that could be essential to solving that particular case.

3. Recordings are much easier to store now than they used to be.

One of the biggest drawbacks to the cameras that were made years ago was the fact that they recorded their videos on VHS tapes. There are a couple of reasons why this was bad. First of all, the quality of VHS videos is very low. The VHS format was not capable of recording videos that have the clarity of the digital recordings that are commonly used today. Also, storing the videos became a huge headache for business owners. Most VHS tapes could only record a maximum of eight hours of footage. After that, the tape would need to be changed. The tape would either stop recording completely or start to record over the old footage if a new tape was not inserted. This would be very bad if some of the old footage was needed later and it was already recorded over. Most business owners were annoyed by constantly switching and storing VHS tapes. The new digital recordings made by a modern security camera can be stored much easier. Thousands of hours of footage can be stored on a hard drive that will only cost $100.

4. Tag and track technology

There are now advanced programs that allow a security camera to put a digital tag on the image of a particular person who you think is behaving in a suspicious manner. Your other cameras will then pick up on this tag so that he or she can continue to be monitored throughout your business.

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