Capitalize on Rich Snippets Through Google Authorship

Achieving a favorable ranking in SERPs is obviously an important goal, but what’s even more important is actually getting users to click on your link. Even if you’re in the number-one position for a keyword, the results will be minimal if you have a lousy conversion rate.

One tactic that’s sometimes overlooked is incorporating rich snippets into your content to get more attention and inevitably attract users to your site.

A rich snippet is a small piece of information that summarizes what visitors will see when they click on a link. This quick preview helps search engine users determine whether or not a particular piece of content is something they’re interested in and if it’s worth checking out.

By utilizing rich snippets, you can get the most from your organic rankings and maximize the amount of traffic your content draws. Here’s how you can use Google Authorship to generate rich snippets and boost your traffic volume.

How it works

To take advantage of Google Authorship, you first have to have an account on Google+. While some marketers were skeptical about the validity of this social network in the past, its popularity is on the rise.

According to Simply Measured, “70 percent of brands now have presences on Google+.” You’ll first need to upload a professional-looking head shot and a set up a contributing author bio page.

After that, you must sync your profile to the website(s) that you write for. Once everything is set up, the content that appears on Google search results will be accompanied by your head shot, your name, and a sentence or two about the web page.

Why this is important

One of the biggest benefits is the trust that can be gained with an audience. When a person is browsing through search results and deciding which page to click on, many will naturally favor one with an image of the author.

Rather than being listed as a faceless entity, an image helps users connect the dots, and they can instantly get a feel for the author. Combined with some brief information about a piece of content, this ultimately improves your visibility and should lead to more clicks.

An author with Google Authorship writes to compare car insurance rates is likely to bring in considerably more traffic when compared to another writer who doesn’t have anything to distinguish him- or herself from the masses.

Profile link

Besides a higher CTR, this program is an effective way to increase your overall exposure. Directly to the right of your profile picture is a link to your name.

When users click on this, they are taken to a more in-depth Google+ profile summary where they can follow you or check out your complete profile. There they can find anything you’ve posted on your profile, including other articles that may be of interest.

This is an excellent way to build an online presence and increase your follower count. It should help you to earn a positive reputation within your industry and can be used for building brand equity.


One problem that creators and innovators are faced with is other people ripping them off by copying their content. While Google Authorship can’t completely eliminate this problem, it naturally pushes original authors to the top of search results.

This way sites that scrape your content will receive lower rankings and your original content will rise to the top. As your reputation continues to grow, your level of credibility and authority should increase, which is important for staying ahead of the pack.

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