Common Causes of Construction Site Accidents

Construction accidents can be categorized as the ones which result in damage or injuries caused due to activities of building, general constrictions, improving, demolishing, cleaning or repairing in a particular facility. Construction damage can be as severe as a permanent injury or property damage. There are usually 2 types of construction injuries-

  1. Accidents that directly involve construction workers. In this case, the injury or damage is caused to the person who has been hired to work on a particular building or construction. This can be caused due to machinery, hazards in the workplace or utility.
  2. Accidents that involve people who are not associated with the construction site or private citizens. These are secondary effects but can lead to some kind of property damage or death of a civilian as well.

Construction sites should make use of signs, proper documentation, borders, protective gear, and fencing to prevent accidents of such nature. Maintaining the safety protocol is the responsibility of the company involved in construction work and also the workers performing the work. Damage or accident caused to anybody else is the responsibility of the working team. On the other hand, private citizens of the surrounding area should make sure they are not entering the construction site without a proper permit and a reason to do so. Negligence on either part may lead to severe damages.

Causes of Accident

Some accidents are caused due to sheer negligence, while others can be caused due to mishaps. Sadly, raising a claim for construction site accidents are quite difficult and usually takes a huge amount of time. The argument of who is to be blamed for the accidents runs so far, that the agenda seems to be lost by then. However, a PPD Attorney will help you and guide you in a better and quicker way in case of any such problem. To get an idea of when to raise a claim, read ahead for the common causes of the accident.

  1. Falling Down

It has been recorded that 36% of death at work was a result of falling in the USA in 2012. Workers are usually at risk of falling when they are moving back and forward on open stairs or staircases that do not have guardrails. Moreover, if such fatal falls occur due to the negligence in safety management, the family members should file a suit against the employer.

  1. Struck

Some deaths have been recorded due to workers getting hit by objects. This happens because there is a limitation of know-how in the team and they do not know how to use particular heavy machines correctly.

  1. Electrocution

This is a serious hazard and a worker may get injured if he comes in touch with a machine that on the other hand has been linked with an open electric source for example.

  1. Sprains and strains

Lifting of heavy objects and similar jobs can cause musculoskeletal disorders in workers. These should be treated and not neglected as they can become serious problems later.

There are several other causes of construction site accidents but these are the most common ones that you should beware of.


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