How Outsourcing Customer Service Can Save Money

Innovations in cloud computing and telecommunications technology mean that outsourcing customer service and sales functions can save your company money and improve efficiency. Even if you prefer to retain your customer service functions in-house, a call center can help manage overflow and take up the slack during vacation periods.

Many call centers offer both inbound and outbound services. Inbound services include:

Online chat service
Live online chat
Answer product inquiries
Convert questions to sales

They can also assume the following outboundcall center services:

Call screening
Basic reception tasks
Message relay
Customer surveys

The Virtual office

If you are a small business owner, you know that handling administrative functions like tracking orders, returning phone calls, resolving declined credit cards, answering emails and contacting suppliers takes valuable time away from dealing with customers face-to-face and drumming up new business. An experienced, well-trained team can relieve you of these tasks. 

Using a call center can improve staff morale

A heavy volume of telephone calls takes its toll on administrative and other staff, who may be constantly interrupted. By the time they have dealt with one telephone call and returned to what they were doing, they are interrupted again and again. Nobody likes the feeling that they have been working hard all day and have nothing to show for it at the end of the day. By relieving your employees of this function means you have a happier, more productive workforce. 

Good call center agents are experts in customer service. They are given training in handling difficult customers and, since it’s their job, they don’t consider it an intrusion of their working day to talk to people. 

Cost efficiency

The initial cost of installing your own call center system can be very high. Computer and telecommunications equipment is expensive to purchase and require maintenance contracts. Add to that the cost of training your employees. The cloud-based option can save as much as 70% over an in-house installation.

Premises efficiency

An in-house call center requires dedicated floor space. Both equipment and operators need to be isolated from the rest of your operation, regardless of how many agents are involved. It makes no sense to mingle people who are paid to talk on the telephone alongside people who are trying to concentrate on other things. Your phone-in customers, not to mention your operators, can do without the background noise. 

Outsourcing your customer service functions has a lot of benefits. The agents can take the telephone, releasing your other employees for other tasks. Using a call center like Solid Cactus is cost-efficient, keeps your workforce happy and uses a smaller footprint.

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