The Four Best Endpoint Security Solutions To Help Protect Your Employees from IT Security Risks

Staying safe online is a big concern for business owners and organisations vying for growth in global markets. Innovations in the tech-space and the introduction of new web-connected devices in the workplace, most under the control and management of employees themselves, make it even bigger of a worry.

Yet, as organisations hand over greater responsibility to workers, the threats from the human side of IT security can be offset by the clever implementation of endpoint security solutions designed to minimise such risk.

The following four examples, that show how endpoint security tackles these issues, could prove particularly useful for you and your business as you look together into the future.

Security Awareness Training

Organisations like Dell UK are keen to reaffirm the usefulness of security awareness training among organisations looking to avoid attack or unauthorised access. By using a comprehensive and continual approach, organisations can teach employees about the types of risks facing their organisation through the use of web-connected devices and do their best to avert future problems.

Through training, whether in workshops, video demonstrations or text-based content, a business can help inform their employees and help change their behaviour as part of an overall endpoint security solution.

Network Security

Another solution worth investigating is that of protecting a network while negatively impacting performance. For employees who require secure connections to a business’ corporate system in order to retrieve data, this endpoint security solution is critical. By monitoring consistently and constantly who accesses a system, how they access it and from where, security lapses are likely to be much less frequent than they’d otherwise be.

An organisation can improve a network’s security by implementing that users authorise and authenticate their devices correctly.

Identity and Access Management

By governing access to data a business also has another effective endpoint security solution that can minimise employee-related security lapses. This might take the form of granting specific people with specific levels of access, or perhaps allowing all people a blanket level of use without hindering their performance.

An organisation can implement identity and access management to control who has access to what data, who is able to use particular applications and who can use certain accounts.

Endpoint Security in Mobile

Last but not least, perhaps the most effective endpoint security solution is that of protecting employees’ devices (laptops, mobile devices, desktops) through data encryption.

This solution ensures that hackers, spyware, viruses and spam pose a much weaker threat to penetrating systems and causing them damage through employee-related access.

To implement mobile and endpoint security strategically a business should, however, incorporate each of the aforementioned strategies to greater mitigate risk. A four-pronged approach, after all, would prove much more effective than only cornering one area of IT security. Business owners who take care to do this will prove more resilient in the long run.

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