Two Essential Ways the Web Can Save You Time and Money

The Internet can either cost you a lot of money, generate a lot of money, or just entertain you. We’ll focus here on two major ways the web can save you time and money, and even freeing up a little bit of both for you!

1. Price comparing with apps

If you’re not doing this by now, you’re losing a lot of time and money in your everyday expenditures. Smartphones currently have higher costs, but they can save you a ton of time and money if you use the most effective apps to compare prices.

For instance, you could use the Amazon app, which is popular among millions of Amazon users worldwide, to compare big-ticket items that don’t have high shipping costs. You could use a local retailer app like, to get a price discount at another big retailer like Best Buy or Target.

Look up the price of the item, show it to the people at the customer service counter, and there’s a very good chance they’ll match the lower price!

2. Piece together profits

The Internet has become incredibly useful when it comes to finding and reselling discontinued or heavily discounted items, and in bulk quantities. This is a great opportunity to use the resources you can find online, and take advantage of them for your company.

Here’s an example of how you might use this process in your business. Let’s say you’re a supplier of washing machines to a major property management company or apartment developer. There might be a minimum height requirement, according to the builder’s or architect’s recommendations, and upon looking for washers or dryers that meet that specification, you find only high-end (and low-margin) models.

All is not lost here. This is where your creativity is your biggest asset. What could you do, to make the less expensive washers (which have higher profit margins) tall enough to meet the specifications? You might type that question into Google, or ask an experienced appliance repair person. Either way, you’re likely to find that shims are the way to go.

When you patch together a batch of quality shims, combined with quality (but slightly too small) washers and dryers, you’ve created your own extra profit margin, using your creativity and the Internet!

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