What Process Service is Right for You?

You have many options when it comes to choosing process servers, and it is important to consider a few points before deciding on right one for your needs. Process servers are tasked with ensuring that defendants are served with notice of legal action against them so proceedings can commence. Anyone who is filing for divorce, initiating a lawsuit, trying to collect money from a bad debt or pursuing other matters against someone in a civil claim is required to give notice to the defendant.

Defendants Must Be Given Notice

Defendants have the right to have their day in court, and service of process ensures that they are notified of the complaint against them. The constitution guarantees these rights, but each court jurisdiction has different rules and procedures that must be followed. A case can be dismissed if a defendant was not served properly, and this is why it is crucially important that care is taken when choosing the right process server.

The Qualities Of A Good Process Server

There are legal as well as shady ways to serve a defendant, and a good process server will be tenacious, creative and crafty without breaking the law or doing things to put a case in jeopardy. Most defendants can be easily located at their home or work, but some are harder to find. This is especially true if they are trying to avoid being served, and this happens more often than many people think.
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A good process server will have strong investigative skills as well as the tools that will make finding defendants fast and efficient. Their experience as well as the amount of time they are willing to commit to finding a defendant are two elements that contribute to positive outcomes in most situations.

Requirements For Process Servers

Most process servers are licensed and approved by the sheriff or courts to effect service in a particular jurisdiction. Many jurisdictions also permit anyone who does not have interest in a particular case to serve someone else, but it is always best to work with trained and seasoned professionals.

Choosing the right process server for your needs involves working with a partner who has a proven track record for success. They should provide continual status updates as well as comprehensive reports that document everything that is being done with respect to locating the defendant. There are companies like: ABC Legal have the experience, resources and the skill to provide effective and efficient service, and their solutions may very well be the perfect match for your needs and expectations.

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